Learning Reinforcement

Targeted training components designed to keep compliance concepts and best practices front-of-mind.

Compliance QuickTakes

QuickTakes are reinforcement mini modules that present key concepts and best practices in the form of direct, scenario-based learning.

Compliance Reality Challenge (CRC)

The newest compliance workshop from PharmaCertify, Compliance Reality Challenge, is delivered through two dynamic components: Compliance Sprint, a high-energy, card-sort activity; and Compliance Mystery, a scenario-based game, which features participants playing “detective” and using clues to solve mysteries about your company’s policies and best practices.

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Compliance Connect App

Available in iPad or web app format, Compliance Connect is a searchable tool for policies, reference materials, eBooks, read-and-signs, and training material.

Policy Explorer

Policy Explorer is a mobile app that offers access to your company compliance policies and Code of Conduct at the touch of a finger.