Learning Games

Transform your learner’s compliance training experience with engaging games designed for live or online deployment.

Compliance Reality Challenge

The Compliance Reality Challenge (CRC) delivers content through two dynamic components: Compliance Sprint, a high-energy, card-sort activity; and Compliance Mystery, a scenario-based game, which features participants playing “detective” and using clues to solve a mystery using their understanding of policy and best practices.

Compliance Challenge

The Compliance Challenge is an educational and entertaining game designed for live training settings and POAs. The entire room plays along, as three teams choose from a bank of 25 customizable questions across five categories.

Are You Compliant?

Deployed online, Are You Compliant? tests learning retention in an engaging, fun and familiar framework. Participants progress through a series of customizable questions to accumulate points and even have the opportunity to ask a “colleague” for help with individual questions.