Compliance 365

An innovative continuous learning system that builds on advances in cognitive science to improve compliance learning and knowledge retention.

Compliance 365 Solves the Compliance Forgetting Problem

Compliance 365, powered by Intela, integrates the four drivers of long-term learning (Review and Reinforcement; Gamification; Microlearning; and Assessment) into a single system.

Review and Reinforcment

Review and Reinforcement

Compliance 365 utilizes the most widely-accepted successive relearning algorithm for creating and delivering post-training exercises (Learning Sprints). Following the primary compliance learning event (eLearning module, workshop, etc.), learners are quizzed on question sets over a period of days or weeks, until all of them have demonstrated mastery of the material.


Motivate your compliance learners through competition. Compliance 365 simplifies the process of creating learning contests that include leaderboards, badges, and scored competitions.

Subscription Learning

Create, organize, and deliver compliance learning nuggets to learners’ mobile devices on a prescheduled basis. The learning nuggets can consist of video, graphics, audio, or text.

Active Assessments

Research has shown that repetitive testing enhances learning. Compliance 365 gives trainers the ability to create:

  • Pre/post tests to measure the knowledge gained
  • Priming assessments to encourage cognitive schema formation
  • Diagnostic assessments to help target remediation
  • Cumulative exams to encourage information retrieval and recoding


Compliance 365 delivers results in graphical learning dashboards, heat maps, and reports at the individual, district, regional, and national levels:

  • Individual learners see real time dashboards of their own progress
  • Managers see individual and summary results for their team members
  • Trainers use graphical reports to spot high performers, and to target remediation and improve training programs
Review and Reinforcment